We too LOVE FILM, so as users ourselves fully and completely understand the things that really matter to photographers and artists too, whether professional, hobbyist or those that just love to be creative.

Dealing direct with all the best film manufacturers, the Nik & Trick reputation is a proud one and our product range is extensive.The prices shown are our honest day to day prices, no fake discounts and no advance ordering of products not yet available!

Just good honest pricing that is set to offer you some of the best deals around combines with super customer service

Here, you can discover also our range of film processing services from the norm to the specialist we can deal with most all films to great quality whist retaining great value for money.


See also our pro-quality photo printing services, using the latest state of the art equipment and some of the best photo-papers around, we are very proud of these services, great for photographers and artists alike.

Best of all you can come and see us, meet us, tell us what you love….walk in, wonder around our shop which is situated in the beautiful Creative Quarter of Folkestone, a great place to come and take photos!

Our door is open seven days a week so that you can wander in and enjoy what most call “An Aladin’s Cave” or “A film lovers paradise!” a sanctuary for all photographers!

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