We refuse to give up on 127 film!

127 film

Please note that we originally wrote this article some time ago, before the arrival of Rerapan 100 and some other film stocks.

We think 127 is a lovely format and here is why: Having nearly doubled the image area of 35mm it was much favoured by slide film users. The positive taken on 127 were known as super slides and when mounted, the physical size of the mount was the same as 35mm meaning they would work in a 35mm projector with no modification.The quality of these super slides was outstanding.

Of course on a square format, its only a slither down on 120 film so with hardly any drop in that medium format quality you get to use some of the nicest TLR’s out there!

Let’s talk cameras…. Obviously the first one that springs to mind is the Rolleiflex 4×4 “Baby Grey”. What a beautiful little camera. A miniaturised version of the best of the Rollei TLR’s and a complete and utter delight to use. we currently have one listed on Ebay which you can see here
The next consideration that springs to mind is Yashica, who made a variety of models from the basic 44 through a Rollei copy to a light meter equipped 44LM. Though maybe lacking the edge and some of the sharpness of Rollei’s Schneider lens, they are available at a fraction of the price and are brilliant little cameras.
There are other lovely little rarities out there from the Sawyer markIV / Primo junior and little things like the Komaflex,an SLR akin to a Hasselblad but resembling a mini version of the Rollei SLX.
It doesn’t all have to be high tech though! 127 film can be used in instamatics, brownies and others which are readily available for 99p onwards.

So, onto the film itself. 127 is still available but from very limited and often overly costly sources. Consequently it is expensive and there is little choice of film type.
Here at Nik & Trick, We can process 127 film on site whether it is black and white, colour print or colour slide and we can now offer a cut down and spooling service!

It works like this: You choose a 120 from our varied selection and we will cut and respool it onto 127 for you. Presently all we need is a spool and backing from customers to reload and reduce costs but we are working on our own backing paper and hope to source a cost-effective supply of spools.  Film Washi is not comopatible with this service.

We also have a supply of pre cut 127 of 160asa Agfa Portrait film (colour print). It is out of date but has tested fine!

Our 127 service will always be pretty much bespoke but in the interim between now and a manufactured supply…you get to use your 127 cameras loaded with your own choice of film.
This service is also available for 620 film, with the possibility in the future of 818, 110 and 126 cartridge films also.

7 thoughts on “We refuse to give up on 127 film!

  1. susangm says:

    items arrived today..30/05/2018..prompt delivery. items as described. have no hesitation in dealing with you again.

    Thank you so much. ………..Susan.

  2. Dave says:


    Hi, just found your site!

    Are you still able to supply 127 film? Bespoke is ok with me.

    Just let me know!!!



  3. Geoff duff says:

    Hi pleased to have found you .just purchased a yashica 44 in very good condition for its age ,i bought one while serving in the forces in malaya in the sixties when 127 roll film was very plentiful sadly it would appear ,not so now .it was agreat little camer,servived many week s use in jungle terain .
    Can you help me with 127 colour film .
    Geoff duff

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