2 thoughts on “Nik & Trick are Nikki and Richard.

  1. Dave Mockford says:

    Well done for making that leap into running your business full time. I made the same leap nearly 20 years ago and have enjoyed every minute of not having to answer to anyone but me. I particularly enjoyed your blog on why you should buy from a dealer and not Ebay etc. Like you we often here the phrase it’s cheaper on Ebay, often it’s not and as you rightly point out there’s little or no comeback if things go wrong. A few years ago business seemed to be slipping away to online sales and auction sites but I honestly believe, and I am no Luddite when it comes to technology, that there is a definite shift back to bricks & mortar shopping as more and more people are caught by badly described products and undelivered goods. Let’s hope this continues and good luck for the future.
    Meanwhile I have bookmarked your shop’s URL and look forward to ordering and using some of the unusual films that you sell.
    Best Wishes

    • Nikki Coulson says:

      Thankyou Dave for your kind words! We hope you dont mind if we share your comments….. We would love to see some pictures when you have tried the unusual films too.

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