Digital Photo Printing

In addition to our high quality photo printing service, we also offer you the opportunity to step up a gear with our selection of some of the very best, even unique photographic papers and media available in the UK.

We have quite literally been all around the European manufacturers and settled on products that we felt were relevant to the art and photography community around us, sourcing the best products for those purposes.

Portrait White 285gsm ~ A lightly textured matt paper that is just beautiful.It is an acid free paper that could also be overpainted if so desired.It is perfect for colour & white photography to devastating effect but also for the finest art and graphic reproduction.

Rauch High Gloss Polyphoto 170 ~ Unique to Nik & Trick in this area is this amazing product.We adore this one, it is THE best glossy media for our printer ever!It is actually not a paper but a polymer film that is endowed with a very slight pearlescent finish.Beautiful for colour photographs and once dry mounted it’s really rather stunning.

Smooth Fine Art 280gsm ~ A bright white heavy weight archival quality matt paper by Innova that we have found to be the best in it’s class.Much favoured by our artists, most notable our neighbour “The Dirty Pen” for his extremely detailed ink drawings it really comes into it’s own with colour photos and it superb for warm toned black & white.

Iridium Pearl 260gsm ~ Another of the brilliant papers we found from Rauch is this pearlescent with a subtle metallic sheen that adds an almost 3D like depth to landscapes and a sheer luxury to skin tones in portraits.A top quality product with an eye catching properties like no other!

Size Portrait White 285gsm Rauch Polyphoto 170gsm Smooth Fine Art 280gsm Iridium Pearl 260gsm
7×5 (A5)
18cm x 12.5cm
n/a n/a n/a n/a
8×6, 8×8 (upto A4) £7.80 £9.60 n/a n/a
25.5cm x 25.5cm
£10.20 £11.98 £5.99 £5.99
30.5cm x25.5cm
£11.80 £14.65 £7.50 £7.50
30.5cm x30.5cm
£14.90 £19.20 £9.00 £9.00
35.5cm x28cm
£16.80 £20.95 £10.90 £10.95
16×12 (upto A3)
40.5cm x30.5cm
£17.90 £24.60 £15.10 £15.15
40.5cm x40.5cm
£20.30 £28.61 £18.65 £18.80
50cm x40.5cm
£23.99 £37.20 £19.05 £23.99
23.4×16.5 (A2)
59.5cm x42cm
£17.70 £25.80 £19.95 £20.20
61cm x50cm
n/a n/a £35.99 n/a
76cm x50cm
n/a n/a £52.50 n/a
76cm x61cm
n/a n/a £58.99 n/a
34 or 36×24 (A1)
90cm x61cm
n/a n/a £67.50 n/a
101cm x61cm
n/a n/a £81.42 n/a