Out dated film stocks are always popular with those who like to play, to experiment and Lomography etc and in this section you will find what old film finds we have in stock.

These will be well and truly out of date, and whilst we do our very best to ensure that they come from a reliable source – ie that they have been stored properly, which may not be known…so there can be no guarantee as to the stability of results…even where we have tested a roll from a batch!

You can expect the unexpected with most of these,…colour shift, slight fall in contrast, really retro appearance – Who knows!!

We run our Fuji minilab on Bellini C41 which helps with colour print films, but you may wish to overexpose slightly or develop longer or just throw caution to the wind and get stuck in!

We offer these solely via our website for the benefit of our customers, they are not offered elsewhere.

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