Adox CMS20 II, 120 Roll – Low Speed, Highest Resolution

£4.79 Inc. vat

The sharpest, most fine grained and highest resolving image recording system in the world according to Adox…a statement often supported by those that have used it!

They go on to say that: “No other film is sharper, no other film is more fine “grained, no other film has more resolving power and achieves grain free enlargements of up to 2,5 meters diagonally.

This equals mathematical about 500 Megapixels as an on the side comparison!” (We think bigger to be truthful)

Due in part to “AHU” an Anti Halo Layer (anti-halation layer) between the emulsion and base layer that guarantees the sharpness of the film. The film is coated onto a totally transparent base and can be reversal processed into B&W slide film.

If used in pictorial photography the film achieves 20 ASA of usable speed in ADOTECH developer.  If used for high contrast purposes the usable speed increases to 80 ASA.

It develops (despsite what Adox say!) nicely in Rodinal, Perceptol and Tmax even in Caffenol!

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