Adonal 100ml plus the Nik & Trick films that love it!

£22.50 Inc. vat

Rodinal RO9 and special Nik & Trick films starter package.  This popular developer loved worldwide, supplied here in 100ml, sufficient for about 30 -40 films and with a free measuring syringe and scavenging needle AND the following 35mm films:

Kodak Double-X  – Our best selling rare film, for good reason…it’s quite simply brilliant, one of the most usable b&w out there.  Try it…you won’t regret it!

FT-12  – A direct replacement for the now defunct Eastman SO-331 that was so  very popular with Amercian photographers.  A 50asa super-fine grain very high contrast film that can be used to beautiful effect.

Orwo UN54 – Another motion picture film and one that is SO good it’s too good for it’s intended purpose.  Those that have used this tend to agree with us in that it’s one of the best 100asa black and whites available anywhere.

We post these films with a chart of developing times….see, we take care of everything!

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