Adox Adofix P II (A300) Powder Fixer ~ Makes 1 Litre

£3.35 Inc. vat

To get around some of the export (external to EU) postal regulations, and the cost of selling weight liquid chemicals over seas we have taken on this lovely little product…makes one litre but at this price, if you need more then it is still a very cost effective product, being comparable in price to Ilford Rapid Fix but is very much cheaper to post!

Here’s the official stuff:

Acidic universal express-fixer for film and paper based on ammonium thiosulphate.

The powder is extremely shelf-stable and the shipping weight is less than with liquid concentrates.

Capacity is nicely economical, officially as follows::

1 L Solution for Film: 0,9 bis 1,2 m² Film (equal to 15 – 20 35mm Films)

1 L Solution for paper to fix 2,4 m²


Safety Data Sheet HERE

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