Adox Adonal (newer formula of Rodinal RO9) ~ 100ml

£4.65 Inc. vat

Treat this exactly the same as you would treat Rodinal…same product, newer formulation.

The smallest sized bottle of the most used film developer in the world for the low volume home user…

Rights to this product have been bought off of Agfa by Adox who continue to provide us with some of the best film products around.

R09 One Shot Black and White Film Developer is the same as traditional Rodinal by Agfa…

Rodinal produces a fine grain and is characterized by high acutance (edge contrast and sharpness) and is revered by photographers the world over!

The concentrate can be diluted with water in a ratio from 1:25 to 1:100 and beyond…

With those dilutions and having a long shelf life, this becomes one of the most economical high quality devs in general use today for example:

500ml at a 1+50 dilution will be sufficient for more than 40 to 50 films….RO9 can be diluted up to 1+200

Safety Data Sheet HERE



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