Adox Adotol-Konstant Paper Developer Powder To Make 1lt

£3.60 Inc. vat

Another non-liquid product that we have decided to keep primarily for our overseas customers…we can send this anywhere in the world without infringing any air freight regulations!

It is also a very very good product and at a very good price….here’s the blurb:

Powder developer with high working capacity, which produces a neutral-black image tone.  It works consistently until failure and is very long-lasting.

This developer will remain fresh for a long time, even when left uncovered in a tray.

Powder developer will outlast any liquid concentrate developer in terms of shelf-stability and working capacity.

Hint: If you store this when made up in an air tight bottle sealed with our VacuVin vacuum stoppers, this developer will remain fresh for 6 months to 1 year at least!


We stock this as a partner to Adox Adofix-P which is also a powder chemical…these then can be sent quite happily to our UK, EU and worldwide customers incurring much lower postal costs than liquid chemicals would be.

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