Adox Atomal 49 Powder Developer to make 1 Litre

£4.40 Inc. vat

ATOMAL 49 is an extra-fine grain, compensating developer which offers both excellent use of film speed and high contrast control that in various forms has been loved by photographers worldwide for decades.

The powder developer mixes to make 1 litre stock solution, enough for about ten films depending on dilution used. Dilution makes temperature control easier, and as a single-use developer ATM 49 delivers precise, repeatable results on each roll of film.

Stock solution can be kept in a fully filled container for up to 6 weeks.  It was formerly known as Calbe A49.

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We stock this as a partner to Adox Adofix-P which is also a powder chemical…these then can be sent quite happily to our UK, EU and worldwide customers incurring much lower postal costs than liquid chemicals would be.

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