Adox New B&W Film Processing Starter Kit ~ Everything Needed to Get You Going!

£44.50 Inc. vat

The improved newer Kit by Adox, it’s a lovely easy way to begin!   There’s even a pre-exposed film included so you can practice loading spirals!

This is suitable for 35mm, 127 and 120 films and contains:

– a Paterson two film tank with two spirals
– a thermometer
– a Adox 25 ml Rodinal measuring cylinder
– a Adox 1000 ml measuring cup
– 100 ml of ADONAL film developer
– 100 ml of ADOFIX Fixer
– 50 ml of ADOFLO wetting agent
– an exposed film in order to rehearse the film spooling process
– a comprehensive manual with many images explaining the film developing process (currently only in German)

This kit contains the bare minimum of chemistry to get you going so you may like to order extra, call for guidance if needed 🙂

The following items are assumed to be in your house already:

– a dark room to spool the film (alternatively buy a changing bag)
– a stop clock with minute hand (or the Massive Dev Chart mobile app)
– a pair of scissors
– a pair of clothes peg to hang the film for drying

Note that this set comes in a fair sized box, postage price is great but it won’t go through your letter box so be prepared! 🙂

Due to new postal regulations concerning the conveying of hazardous goods,  kits being sent overseas will be dispatched with 1lt Adox Atomal (a really nice developer) and not with Adonal

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