Adox FX-39 II 100ml Concentrate ~ Ideal for T-Grain Films!

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FX-39 is a legend and here is the very latest formulation.

For more than 40 years Geoffrey Crawley has readjusted and optimized different developer recipes, he created this masterpiece in the heydays of film and it has been improving over ten years with updates by ADOX.

Adox used to produce FX-39 for Paterson and when they stopped offering it, it was transferred fully to Adox under the supervision of Geoffrey Crawley himself.   He fully supported the transfer of the formula and supported the implementation of this superb product as Adox promised him to keep his “baby“ alive and kicking… at Nik & Trick we support that too as this is such a great product!

It is a great all round developer and is especially suited to T-Grain films…where it maximises detail and contrast but can only push by a single stop, we often use this in our own darkroom.

Technical data:
500ml developer concentrate.
Standard dilution: 1+9 “one-shot” application.
High dilution: 1+19 ”one-shot” application for increase of the compensating effect (by 75% extended developing time). By doing this film speed is a bit lower. So it is possible to trade compensating effect for film speed in a certain range.
Developing times are listed on the Massive Dev Chart at

A note via the Massive Dev Chart:  FX-39 was introduced to suit the tabular-grained films such as the Kodak T-Max and Ilford Delta ranges, which respond differently to most developers than conventional films do.  Unlike other acutance developers, FX39 does not compress mid-tones.


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