Adox HR-50 with Speed Boost Technology! ~ 35mm 36 Exposures ~ NEW!!

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A brand new product from Adox, the first since moving into their new factory!

Our sample photos in the gallery were made from a test roll processed in Adox FX-39 and Ilford DDX the latter with a 30 reduction in dev time for lesser contrast…(first shot, the rock on a beach)

The official blurb follows but before you rush off to read it let us just tell you what it all means to you:  It means that there is another lovely new film on the market and although we have yet to try it ourselves (we WILL and shall post results) what we have seen has been very lovely indeed.

A Nik & Trick note:  This film ought to be loaded in low light as the clear acetate base means that light can travel a fair way into it…

So here:

ADOX HR-50 is based on an emulsion commonly available for technical purposes, featuring an ultra-fine grain and superpanchromatical sensitization.

ADOX HR-50 is especially suitable for street and landscape photography.

In Portratit photography we recommend our dedicated HR-50 developer.  (In stock here now!)

ADOX modifies this film from the master roll and confections it to 35mm, 120 and sheets (4×5).

The film´s speed is enhanced to 50 ASA using ADOX´s new SPEED BOOST- technology.

The gamma is reduced so it becomes perfectly usable for pictorial photography in regular developers.

“Adox HR-50 can be used as an Infrared film and responds extremely well to any sort of filtration (yellow, orange, red, blue, green).

Emulsion: Superpanchromatical
Resolution: Up to 280lp/mm at an image contrast of 1000:1
ISO: 50/17°
Base: 0,1mm PET
Anti Halation: Combined AHU/NC”

It’s on a clear base so we shall also see how it responds to reversal processing sometime, 120 we shall order as soon as it becomes available!

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