Adox MCC Paper Developer 1lt ~ Fine Art Developer For Multigrade Papers

£12.70 Inc. vat

Fine Art Developer For Multigrade Papers…the best Ado developer for neutral-black image tones.

Originally a formula from the heydays of analogue photography: Agfas* last big blast this is especially formulated for  variable contrast photopapers yielding deepest blacks and extremely well separated midtones.

This developer is formulated for highest quality it allows a little bit more in all parameters: More capacity, a higher DMAX (about 5-10% ), less fogg and a straighter curve in the midtones.

MCC developer features special additives to prevent silverslurry in developing machines and can be regenerated.

Dilution for machines working solution or as regenerator: 1+4 (regenerate 150ml/sqm)
Dilution in the tray: 1+4 until 1+6

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