Adox Scala 50 for Black & White Slides ~ 35mm 36 Exposures ~ NEW!!

£5.25 Inc. vat

The new Scala 50 is a high resolution B/W slide film with a high copy range, low DMIN and very good DMAX.

It is coated onto a clear PET base. The film is based on the superb Adox HR-50 with “Speed Boost” technology, a 120 version of this film is in the planning stages we are told 🙂

The new Adox Scala 50 can be reversal developed in any of the currently available reversal kits for black & white films…we shall be considering offering a b&w reversal processing in the coming months.

Emulsion: Superpanchromatical
Resolution: Up to 280lp/mm at an image contrast of 1000:1
ISO: 50/17°
Base: 0,1mm PET
Anti Halation: Combined AHU/NC

A Nik & Trick note:  This film ought to be loaded in low light as the clear acetate base means that light can travel a fair way into it…



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