Agfa Copex Rapid / Spur DSX ~ 35mm 36 Exposures

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Agfa Copex Rapid is a low-speed panchromatic black and white film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 50/18°.

Excellent resolution, very fine grain and excellent acutance are characteristic of Copex Rapid.

Please note that this film may come in labelled as Spur DSX…don’t worry it’s the same thing!

Copex Rapid is ideal for reversal processing in the Scala process but can be developed at home as a b&w negative film….we’re going to do this with some home made caffenol just for kicks!

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Here is some info that we have found:
Spur DSX – 25 in Rodinal 1+100 for 10 minutes
Adox CMS 20: 15 mn
Agfa Copex R: 16.30 mn
Rollei ATP1.1: 18 mn

No presoaking is needed
Inversion tact: steadily during the first 60s, then:

3 times every 3 mn for Adox CMS 20
3 times every 5 mn for Agfa Copex R
3 times every 5 mn for Rollei ATP1.1
Stop bath: 30s
Fixing time: 60s
Final wash: 5 mn

Though we have seen lovely results when processed with low contrast formulae of Caffenol such as this:
500ml Distilled Water at 20 °C
Sodium Carbonate (anhydrous): 5g
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C (pure 99%)): 1g
Instant Coffee for Agfa Copex Rapid: 8g

Using agitation as above @ 20c for 15 to 16.5 mins when exposed at 50 to 64asa

Maker says:
Agfa Copex Rapid is recommended to be developed with Spur Modular UR for optimal results. The Parts A1 and B are needed for the absolutely streak-free development of the SPUR DSX/Agfa Copex Rapid roll film; Part C is no longer needed as previously. When Copex is developed with Spur Modular UR, sharpness, fine-grain, exposure latitude, tonal values, speed utilisation are retained by Spur Modular UR developer.

For Black and White Reversal process expose to:
35mm: ISO 50-64
120 Medium Format: ISO 64-80
Development time: 4 minutes

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