Adox Scala 160 35mm 36exp ~ New Version of Agfa Scala

£5.50 Inc. vat

Yes really…Agfa Scala!

Compared to its AGFA Original this film has 160 ASA and therefore a very fine grain.

The rest is identical: APX emulsion, clear triacetate carrier, anti halo effect, high silver application for the needed density, very high contrast in the projection.

Slide films have to be reversibly processed for instance in either our Rollei or Bellini B&W Reversal kits…it takes a bit of time but is easily done at home now 🙂

The following labs offer b&w slide development service or it can be processed at home to positive using Bellini’s B&W Reversal Kit or to negative using any number of the usual favourite developers.

Klaus Wehner, Paderborn (per mailorder) with DMAX guarantee >3,5
Fotostudio 13, Stuttgart (local drop of or via mail)
Foto Fehling, Bergmannstrasse, Berlin (Local drop off)
ARKALAB, Paris (local drop off)

DR5, USA (Mail order)

You can download the original Agfa data sheet HERE


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