Anti-Static Spray by Servisol 200ml ~ Great for Reducing Film Scanning Dust

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We have many customers using great quality flatbed and other scanners for digitising their films…..all, us included, get dust issues from time to time so we were lucky to find this great product.

200m will last quite a long time, maybe working even better with the Ilford Anti-Static Cloth…works for us anyway.

Of course it has other uses too being made primarily for electronic products, handy in the darkroom too maybe…’s the blurb:

ANTI STATIC SPRAY MIST 90 helps to protect electrical
equipment by preventing the build up of static electricity.

Suitable for use on all plastics, polished metal and wooden
surfaces, Anti Static Spray 90 is ideal for television screens,
monitors, cabinets and telephones. It can be applied to
electronic components to ease their removal from packaging.
N.B Do not use on live electrical equipment. After applying,
always leave for 4/5 minutes before operating the equipment.

Safety Data Sheet HERE

Sorry but due to postal regulation we can only send these within the UK and only one at a time….



Appearance : Clear, colourless liquid
Odour : Alcohol Type
SG @ 25OC : 0.79
Pressure @ 25OC : 3 Bar
Discharge Rate : 1.3 g/sec
Solubility : Soluble in water and alcohols
Flammability : Classified as extremely flammable under CHIP Regulations
Flashpoint : Not applicable in sealed aerosol
Packaging : 200ml aerosol

The product may be stored at normal ambient temperatures and has a shelf life of
not less than 72 months with correct storage. Aerosols should always be stored
below 50OC, away from direct heat and naked flame.

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