Argenti Pan-X 100 Black and White Film ~ 35mm 36exp

£4.90 Inc. vat

Argenti PAN-X 100 (APX100) is a high quality emulsion that has a tremendous compensating capacity between shadow and highlights.

It is a film that is suitable for all lighting situations, and, above all, for weaker and contrasted lights,such as artificial lighting.

Dev times we have found are:

100asa  D76/ID11 Stock at 20c for 7.5 mins
100asa HC-110 1+49 at 20c for 13 mins
100asa Rodinal/Adonal 1+49 for 14 mins
100asa Rodinal/Adonal 1+100 stand dev at 21c for 60 minutes
200asa Rodinal/Adonal 1+100 stand dev at 20c for 90 mins

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