Argenti Reporter Film Plus 400asa (ARF400+) ~ 35mm 36exp

£5.30 Inc. vat

Made in Germany, Argenti Reporter Film Plus (ARF+) is the improved version of the film “par excellence”.

The new ARF400+ is, like its predecessor, highly compensating and rich in gradation, with an enormous power to capture fine details. The development times are the same as the ARF400.

Try it also in the following that we have found online:

400asa Ilford DDX at 20c for 10-11 mins
400asa Xtol (and Bellini Eco Dev) 1+1 at 20c for 14 mins
400asa HC-110 Dilution B at 20c for 12-13 mins
200asa HC-110 Diltuion B at 20c for 9 mins
400asa Rodinal 1+50 at 20c for 7-8 mins

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