Argenti Scale-X ~ Variable Speed Emulsion, Positive or Negative Film ~ 35mm 36exp

£5.30 Inc. vat

Argenti are another lovely bunch of people that we are pleased to be working with…we love enthusiasm for film photography!

Scale-X  is a black-and-white film with a variable sensitivity of 100 to 800asa.  It can be processed to either negative film or to lovely black and white slides as it is on a clear base.  It excels at this and can be processed using our currently under testing reversal service (when available) or better still at home in the Bellini Reversal kit.

For b&w reversal processing stick to 200asa or within half a stop of that please 🙂

These are development times that we have found for producing negatives from this film stock, we have not yet tested these ourselves however….

D-76 (stock)                          200           9               20°C        e
D-76 (stock)                          400          13.5           20°C        e
HC-110 (B)                            200           5                24°C        e
Ilfotec DD-X (1+4)                100          16               20°C        e
Ilfotec DD-X (1+4)                100            7               20°C        a
Ilfotec HC (1+31)                  200          6.5             20°C        a
Rodinal (1+25)                      100          6.5             20°C        a
Rodinal (1+25)                      200           8               20°C        e
Rodinal (1+50)                      100          10              20°C        e
Studional (1+30)                  100            8.5            20°C        e
Studional (1+32)                  100            8.5            20°C        e
TMax Dev (1+9)                   160            17              20°C        b
TMax Dev (1+4)                   200            8.5             20°C        e

Letter denotes recommended agitations
a:  continuous first min, then 5 secs. per min.
b:  continuous first min, then 5 secs. per 30 secs.
e:  continuous first min, then 10 secs. per min.

If you cannot find the time you require, you can use times published for TMax 100 or 400 (depending on exposure) in ID-11 as a starting point we have this tip on good advice but have not yet tested it!

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