Bellini Duo-Step R ~ Reviver/Replenisher ~ 2x 250ml

£7.20 Inc. vat

Another product we persuaded the factory to make for our customers….to compliment the introduction of the superb Duo-Step developer this year.

This product is designed solely to prolong the lifespan of Duo-Step….here’s how to use it:

500ml of each part of Bellini Duo-Step makes one litre each of Part A and Part B and 1000ml makes 2 litres.

Less so with the one litre set but over time Part A depletes and acquires contaminants from the films it develops, it will appear off-colour due to dissolved anti-halation materials and debris will appear.

Part B, will get over-conditioned by the cross contamination by the ingress of Part A during processing.

Using this reviver should enable you to extend the life of each by 8 -12 films or so (depending on state of existing dev which is dependent on other factors!)

Make this up to 500ml for each part then add 500ml from the corresponding used parts to make up to one litre and carry on!  It is perfectly fine to filter the used developer should you so wish.

As we have said this should extend the life for a further 10 – 14 films.  After that it will have reached the end of it’s useful life and should be discarded and made up from new.

And that’s all there is to it!

It is not recommended to use this from new for processing films, to be used only to revive used Duo-Step

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