Bellini Duo-Step ~ “Tentative Diafine” B&W Film Developer ~ Now Arrived!!

£13.85£26.50 Inc. vat

Brought to you by BelliniFoto on a special request by Nik & Trick Photo Services

Via the genius of Bellini and the innovation of Nik & Trick, comes Duo-Step….our “Tentative” Diafine, a special film developer that is inspired by and performs just like the original powder formula.

This superb developer has been well tested as you can see from our gallery photos, and just like the original it’s brilliant, delivering high accutance and super-fine grain with an exceptional tonal range from most black and white films.

It is quite simply, one of the best developers ever to offer such a great natural ability to increase film speeds whilst still allowing superb amounts of latitude.

The true two bath formulation processes highlights and shadows independently, automatically developing all but the slowest speed films to normal levels of contrast without the need to adjust time nor temperature.  Higher contrast situations can be mellowed by lowering the film speed if so desired.

  • We recommend the 2x 500ml set for 35mm users although we have found it will cover a limited number of 120 films until Part A reduces with use…
  • For higher volume and Medium Format users we suggest the 2x One Litre set (coming soon) 

Download our Guide Sheet HERE


  • Duo-Step is NOT suitable for processing Adox HR-50