Bellini Hydrofen B&W Film Developer 100ml or 250ml ~ aka Rodinal Special/Studional

£4.30£8.80 Inc. vat

We love this product too….in fact we process more b&w films in this now than any other developer it’s that good!

An almost direct replacement for the legendary Studional or Rodinal Speziale, this is a fine-grain black and white film developer with an excellent contrast balance once loved by many great photographers.

It will develop just about all b&w films, all the most popular ones have times given in the datasheet and our guide sheet which can be downloaded below…and for sure, we are lucky to see the return of this developer courtesy of Snr Bellini!

250ml is the new larger sized bottle of this superb film developer made especially for Nik & Trick Photo…100ml is perfect for the low to average volume user.

The pack is 1 bottle of concentrate product to be diluted 1+15 / 1+39 (and others!) so it is nice and economical to use with good shelf life.

For more info see our guide sheet which offers timings for most available films and can be downloaded HERE!

Bellini development times are shown in the gallery or can be downloaded by clicking here!

Nik & Trick tip:  Tmax400 goes together with this like strawberries and cream…but that’s one of our most favourite films anyway!  We are also seeing equally lovely results from HP5, FP4, Double-X and so on…Delta 3200 is rather good in this too.   It’s just a brilliant devloper!.

This is just the developer for Bergger Panchro 400….1+39 for 6,00 @ 20c!