Bellini Nucleol BF200 ~ Pyrocat B&W Film Developer ~ 2x 100ml

£13.80£15.30 Inc. vat

Nucleol BF 200 is a pyro developer that is specially designed to take advantage of the characteristics of modern emulsions, it  produces fine-grained negatives with high accutance and has considerable capacity for compensation and is equipped with great energy…

Features that make it very suitable for maximising the sensitivity of many films.

Supplied in two concentrated solutions to ensure better shelf life over time, extended by not storing it below 5c ie NOT in the fridge!   The two solutions are then diluted in the quantities required immediately before use and used as a one shot developer.

This is the developer that the guys at the Bellini factory rave about….note that Part A may appear darker that in the photo shown and show a little detritus in the bottom….don’t worry about it.

To use, (we recommend one of our 10ml measuring syringes to make life easier) measure out Part A and add that to the correct amount of water at 20c or 24c as required then add Part B to make up the solution ready for use.  There is no need to use de-mineralised water…

It is important to do it in that order so that the chemicals react with each other properly…easy as that!

Bellini have offered up the following which they say produces amazing results:

Using the mixture ratio of 4.5 + 4.5 + 100 (ie 12ml Part A + 12ml Part B + 275ml Water for 300ml)

Kodak Tmax100 ~ 7’00 @ 24C
Ilford FP4+          ~ 7’00 @ 20C

Our test photos are from Ilford HP5+ rated at 800asa and processed per the chart shown…we love the classic look from the results of this roll….

Quick note here:  If you’re just starting out in home processing we’d recommend you start with another, easier to use developer, but once you’ve done a couple of dozens rolls and would like to try this then let us know 🙂

We’ve put together a temporary datasheet that you can download HERE!!