BelliniFoto Eco-Film Developer ~ Liquid Version of Xtol! ~ 500ml For 1lt Stock Solution

£6.95 Inc. vat

For those that are reluctant to make up and suffer the inconvenience of a gallon of Kodak Xtol film developer.

Here is a nice handy way of accessing an equivalent liquid version of that fantastic developer which has been, for us, the best film overall film developer there is.

Mr Bellini has formulated this liquid version supplied here as 500ml which is then diluted with 500ml of water to make one litre of working solution that can then be used exactly the same as Xtol, using the same times and temperatures as can be found on the Massive Dev Chart at

We are pleased and proud to present this unique product to our customers 🙂

Please note, this is not the same formula as Xtol, if it was it would be a powder!  It a liquid formulation that mimics Xtol very very very well indeed and is already very well regarded by people that have used it, reviews and feedback have been fantastic!

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