BelliniFoto’s Unique Black & White Reversal Kit ~ 1lt

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Having tested this ourselves we can inform you that it is nice and easy to do, the re-exposure thing is nothing to be scared of as duration of that is not critical (or you can use the reversal bath)…results are quite simply beautiful.

Here is another quality kit by our colleagues at BelliniPhoto…this time for processing black and white films to make high quality positives….turning a number of films into slide films.

This kit is unique as it offers a the choice of using a specially formulated reversal bath for those not confident enough to re-expose a film during processing…the new bath works very very well indeed but how you do that bit is your call!

The datasheet lists Ilford Pan F and FP4 as well as Rollei Ortho 25 but any b&w film on a clear base is a candidate for this kit!

We know that Rollei RPX25 will work well as will Adox HR-50, Adox Scala so It means that those of you that love our Adox Scala (Agfa Scala)…you can now do that at home with this chemistry, eliminating the need to post it to us or to specialist labs over seas.

Also, we anticipate also that Rollei Superpan (needs it’s own timing) but Orwo UN54 and Retro 80S will work as well too,

IT’s quite fragile chemistry so it’s worth saving films up to run through all in a shorter period  but be sure that this again, this is a top quality, product that we are proud to be able to bring to the UK market.

In case it matters, BelliniFoto has been established since 1988 and they are really good at what they do, nice guys and we love dealing with them. 🙂

Slide mounts also available



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