Bellini’s (Kodak) D96 Film Developer ~ For B&W Motion Picture Films

£8.99 Inc. vat

Probably the only non-industrial sized, privately available source of the specified developer for b&w motion picture stocks such as the gorgeous Kodak Double-X, Orwo UN54 etc. Also great for other films too…

D96 is a low contrast developer (go longer for higher contrast), it is an extremely stable product with a balance in the main ingredients that is quite unique.

Vacuum sealed it has a long shelf life and can be used over and over until you see signs of a fall in contrast.  By compensating with increased developing times it can last even longer…you decide when it’s had enough! We do know that in our vacuum sealed bottles it goes six months between uses with some ease…

We have tested this with Double-X and it really does give that movie film look. This is a rare product to be honest…used as a stock solution this one litre bottle should, we are told, process about 100ft…we shall see: not tested it that far yet!

All in all a very economical developer, we know it’s a excellent product, so if you love Double-X, this is a must try developer…also, according to Ferrania, the best developer for their P30 b&w film!

Bellini does it again!

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