Bergger PMK Pyro Developer 1lt ~ Clearance Offer

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The PMK formula was developed by Gordon Hutchings, in order to create a universal developer, adapted to a wide variety of modern films, and to a wide range of shooting conditions.

The PMK formula allows to achieve the following characteristics :

  • sharpness of contours
  • yellow staining of the negative. Staining intensity depends on the reduced silver quantity
  • very low fog
  • stability of the stock solutions
  • Process repeatability

An alkaline fixer, like ROLLEI RXN, is required to obtain the best negative stain, and the best stability in time is also available here.

PMK is delivered as two solutions that have a very long shelf life, if they are not mixed.

In standard dilution (1+2+100), the PMK kit allows the photographer to prepare 25 L of working solution.

Get the datasheet (in French sorry!) HERE!

This developer is made in Germany, exclusively for BERGGER and is a recommended developer for their lovely Panchro 400

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