Best Ever Chemical Storage Solution #1 ~ 3x 1lt Bottles & Vacuum Stopper Set

£23.45 Inc. vat

These are the very best way to store made up chemistry…it is a solution to the long standing problem of how to preserve mixed up chemistry until you are ready to use it.

We have developed and used this in our own darkroom for a couple of years now and it works so well we had to make sure that we could offer it to our customers.  So we found trade suppliers and here it is…we are very pleased to be able to share it.

One customer reports that his fragile E6 chemistry lasted over a year….somewhat longer than the three weeks usually associated with that 3 bath kit!


Glass is much better than plastic which can crack and occasionally be permeable to oxygen.  The colour is also great for reducing any affect that light may have on some chemicals.

Best way to prevent oxidisation?  Pump out the oxygen!  Easy and effective 🙂


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