C41 Process for Sheet Films ~ Develop Only & Scanning

£6.99£15.10 Inc. vat

For sheets of film up to 5×4, prices are per TWO sheets which is the very minimum load we can accept in order to make this viable for everyone.

Sheet films will be processed using the best chemistry on our big Jobo ATL machine having been loaded into the industry recognised Jobo Expert Drum. 

Scans will be made to high quality on Epson V750, scanned to just 20 x 24 inches at 300dpi which will print digitally much larger if required.

We can accommodate larger sheets but it we be a hand processing service only due to the nature of current hardware, if you need us to do that, then drop us a line 🙂


On the processing optional extras you can add archival glassine sheets to your order if required or you buy them in packs in our shop.

Please quote your order number when sending your films in  Download full price list and postal form HERE!