Cartridge Films & 16mm

£3.80£19.40 Inc. vat

You’d be surprised how often we get asked to deal with these old cartridge type films!

All out of date of course (unless reloaded) and that’s okay as our Bellini chemistry really deals with older films better than any other product out there.

126 and Disc are long gone formats but they still keep appearing for us to deal with, Disc films require hand processing as no machines accept them.

110 is still a current format with fresh films still available here….plus, being identical in size to 16mm film we have gone for simplicity and merge the two formats.

The thing is with all of these formats it that scanners have never been made to specifically deal with them so they take quite a bit of hands on effort to deal with but it is a great way to invest in making those old family photos available and easy to show again.

A quick note here…some cartridges (not Disc film) can sometimes be reloaded with fresh film so it may be worth asking what we can do or can be done 🙂

Please quote your order number when sending your films in  Download full price list and postal form HERE!