Colour Infrared CIR Film ~ Hand Rolled into 120

£26.75 Inc. vat

Extremely rare and of unconfirmed origin, our supplier tells us that this is about the last we shall see of colour infrared films….unless someone makes more!

Unlike the long gone Kodak Aerochrome, this is a C41 process print film and we would recommend hand processing to avoid risk of being fogged by minilab sensors (some use IR to check DX coding).  The Bellini kit produces superb results with this film (of course!) but you can always send it to us for hand processing.

Shoot at 320asa with yellow filter and we would recommend hand processing due to the fact that so many minilabs have internal infrared light sources.

See our sample shots in the gallery there, we note that this behaves a bit like b&w IR in that it likes to be out in bright contrasty light collected reflected light…the old Aerochrome liked to be under cover.  There also seems to be less latitude than with normal films and if shot in shadow then over exposing may work better as you can see in the shaded areas in the second shot., we have found that opening up two stops produces usable photos as per third photo.



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