Contax 137 Quartz ~ Light Seal & Replacement Leather Kits

£11.45£19.99 Inc. vat

A great camera that is now getting more of the attention it deserves…like most of it sibling and the Yahsicas the leather tends to fall apart over the years so you’ll be happy with this superb real leather kits to breathe new life and a new look into your 137!

Light seals also deteriorate over the decades and these precision cut Light Seal Kits contain three sets so if you mess up there’s still plenty of opportunity to get it right, with plenty of material left over for use elsewhere!

Before fitting both seals and leather you must first thoroughly clean out the channels all traces of old adhesive with a suitable solvent, we offer Isopronanol for that purpose HERE

To fit new seals and leather wet the adhesive….licking works best, then you can slide and guide the new ones into position.  Once fitted leave for a few hours to settle.  Leather will take some pressing down, more so at the edges but once done your camera will be lovely so show it off!