De Vere 507 Wall Mounted Colour Enlarger ~ Used, Complete with Extras

£775.00 Inc. vat

Not getting as much use as it ought to…so from our own darkroom comes this rare opportunity to acquire one monster of a heavy duty professional enlarger.

We’ve used this to great effect in the past but seldom or almost never do we have the need to wet print anything larger than 6×9 on 120 so this really is surplus to requirements  (I’m happier using the little (by comarison) and quieter LPL.

It comes complete.  The transformer is good and working the timer may be a little dicky but that does not prevent it’s use nor performance in any way.

We’re also including the many masks so you should be able to deal with anything up to and including 5×7.  The Rodenstock lens and spare mount are also included.

We’re sure that if you’re considering this you will know exactly what this is and what it does….for anything else the photos should suffice and as you can see it’s all good, bellows too (I always kept them treated with leather care for biking leathers!).

It is still bolted to our wall so that it can be seen to be working which we want the purchaser to take advantage of when collecting….and it will be collected!

This is not a small item and won’t go in the post…not even by courier so you’ll need to take the trip down here….and who knows?  You may want to take advantage our range of chemistry and papers, all of which are at great prices. So there! 😛

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