E6 Colour Slide Film ~ Process Only ~ 35mm

£6.50 Inc. vat

Develop only for colour positive film…

We now use the lovely Bellini Six Bath E6 chemistry in our new ATL2500 processing machine.  This means fresh developers are used for every run and each run has time calibrated for the differences between Kodak and Fuji films.

E6 is not the highest turnover so to keep costs lower we run this process in batches when there are enough films in to do so.  With the imminent release of Kodak Ektachrome we anticipate an increase in numbers using these lovely films and have designed our workflow using this, the best chemistry especially 🙂

Slide Mounts are also available in our online store 

Please quote your order number when sending your films in  Download full price list and postal form HERE!

Please note that E6 chemistry is very sensitive, we therefore only initiate an E6 batch when there is a sufficient number of films needing development thus there may be some delay in terms of turnaround times


Recorded Delivery Return Postage in the UK or Tracked International Postage Only….Postage Price will be valid for 1 to 20 films.  Larger orders will attract a discount….please contact us!