Eastman Kodak 4231 Plus-X Black & White Motion Picture Film ~ Decades Old, Still Working!

£5.25 Inc. vat

Originally introduced in 1956 this motion picture version of Plus-X survived quite a few years until it was replaced in the early seventies by Pus-X 5231 which was used right up to not so many years ago.

The above should give you some indication as to the age of this film stock!

We are spooling and offering this as a film to play and experiment with…a challenge or a bit of fun?

We have harvested a variety of results, from acceptable to really quite good and will continue to shoot and develop a few more short lengths to give you something to work with.

The results we have attained are shown in the product gallery starting with metering at 50asa and processing in Xtol (or Bellini Eco Film developer) for 8’30”

We have had very acceptable results in Bellini Hydrofen for 6’30”

Best of all so far we found that it works really beautifully at 50asa in HC-110/B with a time of 6:15

Below is what we have tried versus the few development times we have (not yet tested) managed to find from some patient internet searches!

50asa                                     Hydrofen 1+39      6:00  Not Bad/Good

50asa                                     Kodak Xtol 1+1      8:30  Very Good!
50asa                                     Kodak HC-110/B   6:15   Very Good!

50/80asa                              D96                           5:00-5:30
80asa                                    Rodinal 1+50         13:00
80asa                                   D76 Stock                  5:00 ?

80/40asa                           Ilfotec LC29 1+19     6:00 ?

                                             DDX 1+4                   8:00 ?

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