ECN2 Processing Kit by BelliniFoto ~ Unique!

£61.99 Inc. vat

ECN2 chemistry is used in the motion picture industry to process colour film stocks such as Kodak Vision films and the old Fuji Eterna & Reala motion picture films.  It is usually only available when purchased in industrial quantities…enough to fill swimming pools!

Not any more!!

As far as we know this is the world’s only ECN2 kit that is available to the home user…it is made from the highest quality materials as per all of the Bellini Chemistry.

According to the manufacturer shelf life can be up to two to three years, the developer should be stored with as little oxygen in the container as possible.  Expected yield of this kit is approximately 12 36exp films per litre.

Weighing in at 7.5kg, if this is too much for you then revert to the Nik & Trick method of processing using RA4 developer and C42 bleach and fix.

Bellini RA4 kits are also available from and we offer the developer only as 2x 100ml to make up to 1 litre.

** Please Note **

Parts of this article are classified as hazardous goods. Due to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA-DGR) we are not allowed to ship this article outside of the European Union.

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