Washi Film – Handmade Film on Japanese Paper ~ Six 10×8 Sheets

£47.50 Inc. vat

Due very soon in the larger 10×8 format. This unique handmade film is becoming more and more sought after by those wanting something beautiful and unusual and very much hand crafted.

We are able to take pre-orders now but final price is still t.b.a.

It has now been improved with stronger a 25asa capability and reduced curling…Washi Film is a black and white photographic film developed from traditional paper, Washi.

This Film is orthochromatic: sensitive to the blue end of the spectrum while being relatively insensitive to the red. This means that Washi Film can be handled under a red safelight (> 545nm).

(Link to datasheet) https://ntphotoworks.com/washi-4x5_120-en.pdf

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