FT-12 High Contrast 50asa B&W 35mm Film – 24 or 30 Exposures of a Lovely Film

£4.85£5.45 Inc. vat

Replacing Eastman Kodak’s fantatically loved SO-331…we think that this lush 50asa film – that was not originally intended for photographic purposes – is better!!

It produces incredibly high contrast negs with a good range of mid-tone detail and amazing sharpness with near zero grain….it can be used to great effect and we absolutely love it…see some of the photographs we have made with this film in the gallery.

Shoot as 50asa and stand develop in Rodinal for 45 minutes for lovely results we also love it when shot at 12asa and developed for 5mins @ 21c in Bellini D96 (see gallery) which can give some bizarre but moody pictures.

Nik & Trick Tip:  This film is coated on an acetate base and should be loaded in subdued light…Spooled from our own stock to rolls of either 24 or 30 exposures.

Developing Times….

50asa     Rodinal/Adonal     1+100 20c  45mins Stand Development (recommended, invert once or twice if you like!)

50asa     ID11 / D76               1+1 20c          7 to 7.5 mins

12asa     Bellini D96               Stock  21c        5 Mins

50asa    Xtol                            1+1 20c           7 to 8 Mins

50asa     Ilfosol LC29             1+19 20c         12 Mins

50asa     Ilfosol 3                     1+9 20c           7.5 Mins

50asa    PMK                          1+2+100 20c   14 Mins