Fuji 8522 F-64D Motion Picture Film ~ 35mm 30exp Colour Negative Film

£4.65 Inc. vat

Left over from a film made in London in 2010 we have acquired a good stock of this film…it IS well out of date so you should expect flaws and colour anomalies…

We love and hate it at the same time but it is good fun to play with!   Many will like the colours and some would love to tweak scans in a photo editor so the trip to the end result is very much up to the individual and we LOVE that bit!

It is a remjet film so will want processing accordingly…if you don’t already know how to deal with those you can send them to us or ask us to guide you 🙂

Here is the Fuji blurb and some other info we found on this neat bit of film:

For use in bright sunlight, this low speed film offers exceptionally fine grain, wonderful sharpness, superior saturation and rich tonality — without excessive contrast. You get the most natural flesh-tones and super realism. Also great for use with CRT type digital film recorders.

Improved grain structure and sharpness.
Proprietary Fujifilm emulsion technology contributes to remarkably fine grain and sharpness for a new level of image quality.

Enhanced tonal scale
From highlights to shadows, F-64D offers an outstandingly long, smooth tonal scale, further helping to increase exposure latitude.

Superior digital output
The superb linearity and grain structure of F-64D make it ideal for digital output via CRT recorder.

Exceptional performance in high-contrast outdoor lighting
Even in the most difficult high-contrast situations – the seashore, for example – F-64D delivers exquisitely fine detail throughout its tonal range.

Improved shadow detail
The new film’s more linear response curve assures greater shadow detail, with minimal “blocking up” of dark tones.

Enhanced reproduction of greens, blues and yellows
Colour reproduction has been further improved, with particularly natural rendering of blue, green, and yellow hues.

Films shot on this film include these: The Invisible Woman 2013, The Kings Speech 2010, Promised Land 2012, Slumdog Millionaire 2008