Fuji Eterna 250D Motion Picture Film ~ 35mm 30exp Colour Negative Film

£4.99 Inc. vat

We were lucky enough to find another 400ft can of this lovely film but given that it was discontinued over a decade ago we expected some deterioration…and it has some!   BIUT…it’s coming out as a really nice effects film now!

Fuji motion picture films do produce thin looking negs that scan very well.

Add to that a bit of base fog and this is what you get….see our sample shots in the gallery here…and be sure that when it comes to digital editing….

Although the inital scans are a quite muddy we have still been very mindful to do not do much to these….as little or as much as needed….Auto Tone, Auto Colour, Auto Contrast and on some, a couple tone level adjustments.

Very limited stock of this and when that has gone…. 🙂


Processed ECN2 on site, shot on Pentax LX with 20mm f2.8…so now you have the full info.

We send these out with information sheets or return to us using this FORM!

Please note that this film has a protective Remjet coating and cannot be processed in a minilab…it’s easy for the home developer to deal with using one of our ECN2 kits or it can be returned to us for developing.  Nothing to worry about whatsoever!

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