Fuji Eterna 400T Motion Picture Film ~ 35mm 30exp Colour Negative Film

£4.50 Inc. vat

Left over from a film made in London in 2010 we have acquired a good stock of this film…it IS well out of date so you should expect flaws and colour anomalies…As yet we have NOT tested this particular film stock!!

Eterna 400T is colour balanced for artificial lighting, so it should be good fun…watch this space as we too find out! 🙂

We shall test this at 400, 640 and 800asa and report back as we go….

This is a remjet film so will want processing accordingly…if you don’t already know how to deal with these you can send them to us or ask us to guide you 🙂

Here is the Fuji blurb and some other info we found on this neat bit of film:

  • Enhanced Shadow Detail.
  • Expanded Exposure Range.
  • Super Colour.
  • Exceptionally Fine Grain

Remarkable shadow quality and an exceptional ability to capture images! Fujifilm’s advanced technologies offer fine grain and smooth tonality for natural attractive skin tones.

In addition to extended exposure range, this new E.I.400-rated film also offers enhanced telecine characteristics and film scanning response, enabling it to deliver outstanding image quality under a wider range of conditions.

Films shot Inc: The Awakening 2011, A Good Day to Die Hard 2013, Valkyrie 2008,

We send these out with information sheets or return to us using this FORM!

Please note that this film has a protective Remjet coating and cannot be processed in a minilab…it’s easy for the home developer to deal with using one of our ECN2 kits or it can be returned to us for developing.  Nothing to worry about whatsoever!

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