Fuji Neopan 400CN Black & White Film ~ 120 Single Roll ~ Short Dated 05/2019

£6.75 Inc. vat

We have been fortunate to have been offered a good supply of this truly superb black and white film, dated May 2019.

It will take us a long long time to get through it so we thought we’d offer some to you….and be sure, this is perhaps THE best of the C41 process black and whites.  Great detail and sharpness, fine grain, lovely contrast even in the worst of shooting conditions.

Those are our genuine feelings but here’s the official blurb:

Fuji Neopan 400CN film is a fast, fine grain film, designed for general use.  It is particularly good for the portrait and wedding photography as you can process it in C41 colour negative chemicals….preferably by Bellini!

This professional film has a wide exposure latitude, with excellent highlight and shadow details.  Easy to expose in a wide range of conditions you will get results whether you print on black and white or colour papers.

Although black and white, Neopan 400CN is chromogenic.  This means the dyes are the same as found in colour film.

A great advantage of this is that you can shoot both black and white and colour and process all the film together.

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