Fuji QuickSnap Flash Single Use Camera ~ Loaded with Superior 400!

£7.80 Inc. vat

A great little product and one not to be laughed at…in fact we’re going to quote the great Ken Rockwell throughout who says:

“Laugh all you want, but it has many technical and artistic advantages over many other much more expensive film and digital cameras. Its optical finder, flash exposure system and shutter-release feel and lack of delay is superior to most other expensive cameras”

It’s loaded with the lovely Fuji Superior 400 film, covering 27 exposures, built in flash for low light and filling shadows and armed with a nice little lens.  Easy!   To round off we’re just going to quote Ken Rockwell again:  ”

“Why blow $28 (now £50-60) on a crappy Holga, which shoots difficult-to-find and process 120 film, when for $4.00 (now our £7.80) you can use the superior Fuji QuickSnap, which includes film, flash and an excellent finder? The Holga comes with no film, no flash, and no battery.

If you’ve gotten bored with photography, the QuickSnap will set you free. You’ll enjoy photography with the same fresh, excited eyes you had when you first started.”

He right too, also great for getting the kids started in photography proper 🙂

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