Hasselbad 503CX Body Only ~ Precision Cut Replacement Leather ~ Lovely!

£29.50 Inc. vat

Precision cut replacement leather to fit Hasselblad 503CX body ONLY…you will need matching leather for back and finder to do the whole job and those are available right here too!

Please ensure you read the following and check the gallery photos and order the appropriate kit for your camera…that is the imperative!

All coverings precision cut from quality materials and coated with Nitto adhesives that will stay put!

To install them remove all old leather and clean off every trace of old glue, we offer isopropanol for this purpose. New leather will not adhere to old glue.

Once naked and cleaned photograph your camera for the memory then you’re ready to fit the new coverings.

Trial fit each piece so you know where everything goes and are aware of any obstacles you might encounter. Remove the backing and wet the adhesive, licking it works best, and then you can fit and slide into position to your satisfaction.

Wait a few hours then just press down all the edges firmly to ensure it’s all good.

Once completed photograph it again and show the world how beautiful your camera now is 🙂

Colours available are: Black, Navy blue & White crinkle (standard type texture), Shiny Lizard Embossed in Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Ocher, Red, Green & Deep Pink…there is also a nice top quality smooth Camel which we like very much.

Now, there are SO many variations available that we cannot possibly stock them all so we have listed just a couple of options…even then we may have to add the kit you want to our next order which means it will be made to your order.

These kits are mostly made to order so be patient and be prepared for few weeks delay…as soon as your order arrives it will be sent on Next Day post.

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