Hasselblad 503CX c/e 80mm T* Zeiss Planar ~ Serviced. New Leather etc ~ Lovely!!

£1,649.95 Inc. vat

First of all please note that although offered, we are not accepting Paypal as a method of payment for this item…..this helps keep the price down.

We’ve invested a lot in this camera, it is now serviced by our genius engineer.  This is all important to anyone that know their V Series Hasselblads.

As you can see we have also endowed it with a suit of precision cut luxury leather in a very subtle and rather lovely dark blue…..it makes a real difference to how this feels in the hands making it a bit special and a bit nicer in use.

To the rear you will find another accessory added which is the dark slide keeper.  We think these are important as they give you somewhere safe to put that vulnerable and hard to find item when it’s not in use.

Condition overall is absolutely lovely, a little less of the usual paint loss around the finder and the usual around the tripod mount,  This happens to all of them….it has to my own upon which this one is modelled.

Please note that as per the final photo the lens interlock button has ejected, couldn’t find another one but it’s not enough to worry about as it offers no real impact in using this beautiful camera, you just can’t lock the speed and aperture rings which is something I always forget mine is able to do anyway so can honestly say it was never used on mine!

Buy with confidence. this is a really good one.

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