Ilford Delta 100 Professional ~ 5×4 25 sheets

£43.50 Inc. vat

For sharpness and freedom from grain, ILFORD DELTA 100 PROFESSIONAL is simply the best in its class – offering the photographer exceptionally fine grain and a level of sharpness rarely seen!

The resulting in outstanding clarity of detail and the most precise image rendition is amazing.

Capable of superb image quality at its recommended rating of ISO 100/21, this film will also produce great results from 40 to 800asa
Medium Speed ISO 100
Superb image quality, precise rendition
Core-shell crystal technology

Will produce truly remarkable results in Adox FX-39, a developer that works marvels with t-grain films like this one.


Trick’s tip of the day….if using this for portraiture, try a 15% over develop in Kodak Xtol, see sample in the product gallery above 😉

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