Ilford & Kodak T-Grain Film Bundle – One Each of the 35mm

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A roll each of every 35mm T-Grain film on the market…

T-Grain was first used in Kodak colour films, it stands for Tabular Grain and refers to the structure of the silver halide crystals in the film emulsion. Essentially it’s a more efficient way to get the best from a film emulsion.

Tabular crystals tend to lie along the film’s surface when coated and dried. This reduces scattering of light and increases resolution. The results are finer grain, better sharpness, slightly better light sensistivity.

Ilford use a similar technology for their Delta range of films.

There’s plenty of discussion here about the merits of Tabular grain films compared to conventional films and choice is quite personal. Some people don’t like T grain B&W films while others love them so here’s your chance to try and compare the offerings from these two fine manufacturers.


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